How to Keep Up with the Experts & Grow Your Business

As a business owner you know it's important to spend a good chunk of your time planning and growing your business.

Much of that time is also spent collecting and reviewing information from various industry experts.

In fact, each particular aspect of internet marketing and entrepreneurship has experts whom we turn to for advice.

This expert advice and information is valuable and is used to help you plan and grow your business.

And when you find a reputable, successful, credible and easy to understand expert it just makes good sense to learn from them.

Think about your own business and your own collection of expert advice.

You probably have specific experts or websites you turn to for:

width=23 Copywriting

width=23 List builing & email marketing

width=23 Resell rights & private label right products

width=23 Product creation

width=23 Mindset

width=23 Technology & software

width=23 Content writing

width=23 Teleseminars and webinars

width=23 Marketing blueprints and templates

width=23 Traffic generation

width=23 Affiliate marketing

width=23 And more.

Trying to keep up with all this content poses a problem, actually it poses several problems.

The first and maybe the biggest problem is that you have to keep track of all of this content.

Most of the time this means organizing the PDFs, audio and video files you download into labeled files on your desktop.

This of course is bulky and by the time you get around to reading it, the information is outdated.

You've wasted your time and potentially your money.

If you actually took the time to read all of the content you download from your chosen experts you'd spend weeks just reading and not really getting much else done.

While there's a lot to say for getting an education online, you're a business person and your time is money.

You need faster, easier access to all of the most recent information.

The Simpler Solution Is a Membership Site.

A membership site makes it significantly easier to stay on top of the most recent changes, trends, and information in your industry and in the world of internet marketing.

Internet marketing changes quickly as technology changes, customers' needs change and marketing techniques and strategies change.

A membership site beats a static e-book or even a multi-media course, because it is a living entity, which grows as you do.

Membership site owners, if it's a quality site, are always adding fresh material, as better ways and new techniques evolve.

And when it comes to buying resell products, to sell, giveaway and/or promote for affiliate income, it makes much more sense to belong to a membership site where you know the content isn't being distributed to thousands of people and you know the products are quality products.

So this makes the content overload problem a bit simpler, right?

Now, instead of downloading tons and tons of content to put in the 'To read soon' file on your computer, all you have to do is schedule time during your week to visit your membership site and see what's new.

Many membership sites also have an RSS feed and are great about keeping you up to date on all the new information being added to the site.

Or better yet, if you're planning your business, as you should be on a regular basis, and you're working on say your product launch plan for the next couple of months, you can simply go to the membership site that focuses on product launching techniques and strategies and use the most recent and up to date information to help you plan.

But there's still a potential problem.

Too many membership sites can also be overwhelming not just because you have to remember all of your membership sites and log-on information but perhaps more importantly all those membership fees really add up.

It's like belonging to ten different gyms.

One for weight lifting, one for swimming, one for yoga, one for cycling and so on.

Sure you're getting the best of the best information but you're also spending a ton of cash on all of those memberships.

A Simple Solution?

...A simple solution has been found.

It's a single entry point that accesses the best of all the membership sites online and groups them into one single membership.

The benefits, beyond not having to keep track of all of the membership sites you belong to and their corresponding log-in information is the fact that it's just plain cost effective.

This simple solution means you can access copywriting experts, product creation experts, access resell rights products, utilize cutting edge software, find blueprints, templates and everything else you need to build a successful internet business all on one membership site.

To learn more about how you can grow your business with this simple solution to expert content overload and how you can access the best membership sites from one single privileged membership, Visit:

"Get the Best Internet Marketing Information, Software & Services to help Entrepreneurs Save Time & Money while Increasing Online Profits...All at ONE Place!"

"Grab An Unfair Advantage Over The Rest By Accepting This Very Special Invitation To Join The Privileged Memberships"...


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I'm justly proud of my many internet marketing training membership sites... but I do realize there's a problem.

You see, I've won awards for some sites. And many people vote with their wallets by joining more than one site and others praise me for the great value I provide.

And it's true there is no finer way to gain complete mastery over a particular aspect of internet marketing.

Because a membership site beats a static e-book or even a multi-media course, because it is a living entity, which grows as you do, because I'm always adding fresh material, as better ways and new techniques evolve.

Trouble is, to make it big, there's a hellava lot you need to learn. Because, having a black belt in just one subject from one membership site won't cut much ice overall.

After all, there's no point knowing how to create the most amazing product... or crafting the most compelling sales letters... or the most awesome email sequences - if you know nothing about getting traffic!

Sure, the obvious answer is to simply join another one of my membership sites, so you can get up to speed with a new skill. But that's not ideal.

Because, apart from the annoyance of having to remember all those website addresses and log-in codes, the cost quickly starts to mount.

I suppose you could simply cancel your membership on the old site, once you've gotten all the goodies and info, and move on to the next. But that means you'd miss out on all the fresh stuff I'm constantly adding.

I just KNEW there had to be a better way.

And then it hit me like a bolt of lightning!

And - like all the best ideas - my one is blindingly simple.

Why don't I take eleven of my most popular and useful five star membership sites and give a limited number of people full top level access to every single one?

And NOT just for a month... or even a year - but for a lifetime?

What's more, why don't I give the privileged people, smart enough to grab this, a MASSIVE saving over joining all the sites separately?

And why don't I make it mega-convenient by giving them a SINGLE point of access and a single set of log-in codes?

So that's exactly what I've done.

Welcome to your Privileged Memberships.

And here's just a tiny taster of what you'll find in these ten very comprehensive membership sites. And I've taken great care to ensure every site compliments and build on each other, to take you right from complete beginner (if you are one) right up to Top Gun Internet Marketer status, in the fastest possible time.

Privileged Memberships Site #1
Lifetime GOLD Membership of Value $497.00

This is my flagship membership site and I'm justly proud of it - particularly as it has won "Most Valuable Membership Site" awards two years running.

And you'll be as happy as a child on Christmas morning when you delve into everything I've crammed into the 72 pages of goodies available to top level VIP GOLD members, like you. In fact, so vast are the resources at your disposal, I've now added a search facility, to ensure you have everything you could need right at your finger tips, no matter what your particular interest is, right then.

For starters there are 39 pages of top quality products brought to you direct from the trenches and crammed with tips and tricks you can use right away to stake out your very own internet goldmine in the fastest possible time.

And - at a stroke - I've blown away the barrier that stops so many good folks from getting started, because they don't have a product. Not any more, you don't!

Because, not only do you get this wealth of insider knowledge for your own use, your product creation worries are at an end. That's right, you'll be licensed to profit because the hottest of these red hot products comes with private label resell rights or master resell rights.

It's really the ultimate solution to earning whilst you learn... and really makes making money even more fun.

And it isn't just ebooks you can sell to your delighted customers. For example, there are ten complete sets of professionally designed stunning graphics - including sales pages, thank-you pages, testimonial frames... even AdSense ready pages. And, when you've put them to good use on your own site and your customers admire them, you can sell them their very own set - and you keep all the money.

Then there is the complete "Conquer the niches" package, with everything from magnetic keywords to suck in visitors like a Shop Vac on steroids to ready-to-go articles and even a customized WordPress theme. Little wonder this has been voted a Five Star Product by the delighted members.

And if all that wasn't enough, you also claim your share of the $200,000 and rising affiliate commissions we've paid - and continue to pay - to our valued affiliates, since 2005.

This is real autopilot income, because all you do is send people to the site (which is dead easy, because you give them a free membership pass). Then if they choose the upgrade right away, or in the future, you get a nice commission.

And, as we're all cheering you on to success, I've laid on a whole truckload of affiliate insider secrets to transform you into a high-earning super affiliate in the shortest possible time.

And that means training from the very best, which comes from my good friend, Simon Hodgkinson, who is giving you FREE access to his awesome $197 "Affiliate Masters Training Course".

It would take pages to explain all the benefits of membership but here are some of the main benefits:

You Get Access to All the products in the Gold Member Resell Packages area. These would cost you on anywhere from $30.00 up to $195.00+ for each package if purchased separately elsewhere. I have purchased master resell rights to all of these packages and continue to buy the latest resale packages as soon as they come out.

You Get Access to All the products in the Gold Member Private Label Master Resell Right Product area. These could cost you on anywhere from $67.00 up to $397.00+ for each package for private label rights to each product if purchased separately elsewhere. I have purchased private label master resell rights to all of these products and continue to buy the latest private label resale packages as soon as they come out.

Your Gold membership will Never become outdated like most other membership sites. See for yourself everything you get in the Gold member area.

Your Gold membership will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time and allow you to Resell Most of these Full Packages and keep 100% of the profits!

You will get exclusive Copywriting Services from Gold members receive an exclusive 10% Discount on all writing services, Scott's new eBook training course and Free Phone Consultation!

They will provide you with a personal, one-on-one phone consultation intensive for either your Web site, print sales letter or brochure, in which you will go through your sales piece in detail. They will help you identify 'The TOP 3 FACTORS You Must Change Now To Close Lots More Sales'. This service could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in copywriting costs.

You will get access to the Gold Member Perks area where you can save $100's of dollars. You will get access to other paid membership sites, special Gold member discounts and other benefits that are only available to Gold members.

You also get the option to join the exclusive Gold member affiliate program and earn 30% commissions by endorsing memberships to your lists and website visitors. This is Not Available to Free members and Silver members only earn 25% commissions. This is an additional way to earn extra income on the side for you.

Even if you already own some of these, New resell packages will be continually added during 2010 and beyond...

And that's just scratching the surface of the goodies that await you on just this one site.

There is simply too much to list here You get the upgraded GOLD level which includes everything available to free, silver and gold members. There are many 'hidden' benefits that will delight you as you get to know your SFW Gold member area more. The regular price of Gold level membership is $497.00!

And, because I've a boatload of more exciting stuff in the other nine sites to tell you about, I'll leave the last words to Jim Daniels and Joel Comm...



Thanks Jeremy!

You've put together the best collection of resellable software and ebooks on the planet. Anyone without a product or service of their own can now start a business on the Internet in a snap! 

Jim Daniels
Online Publisher & Business Owner 

CLICK HERE to read over 8 pages of more testimonials from our members



Jeremy, Your site is a fantastic resource for people who are serious about building their internet business. The quality and quantity of downloads, ebooks, software and templates is staggering!

I have been telling my members about your site and will continue to make sure they take advantage of your library. Thanks for providing such a wealth of information. I know many people are going to incrementally multiply their income as a result of being a member at

Joel Comm
Social Media Expert, Entrepreneur & Best Selling Author 



Privileged Memberships Site #2
Lifetime GOLD Membership of Value $197.00

Here is the "Secret Sauce" that so many entrepreneurs miss and wonder why others seem to have all the luck. Because you can give two people identical information and one will use it to transform their lives, whilst the other will never get very far at all. Guess which one you'll be?

Because, you'll get access to all these life changing secrets that will show you not only how to develop a "millionaire mentality" but also organize your creativity and come up with more workable ideas than you can possibly use.

Here are some of the ongoing titles you'll find as a new Gold member:

Secrets of Effective Time Management

Finding and Maintaining Optimal Health

The Secret to Lasting Abundance

Mastering the Art of Research

The Path to Personal and Professional Development

Tapping into The Powerful Connection Between Faith and Success

The Amazing Value of Doing Business by the Golden Rule!

Rolling in the Dough - How to Manage Your Cash Flow for Ultimate Success

Who's Leading Your Business? Building a Successful Team'

Painless Profits - Continuity Marketing for the Future'

The Art of Negotiation

Going Green - Doing business, and making money, the environmentally friendly way

There is simply too much to list here. You get the upgraded GOLD level which includes everything available to silver and gold members. The regular price of Gold level membership is $19.99/month!



Mindset is perhaps the MOST important element in achieving financial freedom but hardly anyone talks about it!

"Mindmap to Riches" is a long time coming - but it's not too late for you. Get it, read it, apply it...your life will change.

Ewen Chia
Best Selling Author, Trainer, Speaker & Super Affiliate

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You'll find a quote inside this book that most people can apply to their lives - it says "We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision." And while you may have a passion for business and a burning desire to be successful those two alone are rarely ever enough to give you the ability to live your life on your terms, to make a difference, or to be truly happy.

Financial success doesn't guarantee to create a rewarding life, in fact for many, it brings poverty of the soul but you'll discover the secrets to creating the right balance in these pages...

... Yes "Mind Map to Riches" offers a clear plan to achieving huge financial rewards but it does it with a conscience, and with great thought to your ultimate wellbeing and happiness - Take some time to read these books - because frankly your life depends on it.

Simon Hodgkinson
World Renowned Copywriter & Online Publisher


Privileged Memberships Site #3
Lifetime Membership of Value $197.00

One of the secrets of success is picking the brains of others, already successfully doing what you want to do.

So here's where you'll be able to "steal" ideas by the truckload, because you get 150 hours of audio from 40 of the top guns in the business. What's more - because it's audio - you can listen in your car, while you work or when you're just chilling out.

Here is a small list what you will learn in the BIG Seminar Live Audio Recordings:

Discover how to pick a domain name with... traffic already going to it.

Learn how one small letter can mean an 800% INCREASE IN SALES.

Quickly learn how to develop your very own product in seven days or less.

Create your own software without knowing one bit of coding

Why you don't even need your own product to make money
How to convert your existing traffic into CASH PAYING CUSTOMERS with one step!

How to develop your own Affiliate Program with less money than a dinner for two

Why you want to make mistakes in your sales letter


The FREE STATISTICS program you must have to succeed on the Internet

Why you don't need to be an expert to create a BEST SELLING INFO PRODUCT


Research your product 100% FREE

The list goes on and on....

There is simply too much to list here. The regular price of membership is $197.00!

Privileged Memberships Site #4
Lifetime DELUXE Membership of eList Secrets Value $397.00

I'm sure you've heard the expression "The money is in the list". Well that's totally true. So, to make certain the money really is in your list I'm including in your Privileged Memberships package this important site. It's crammed with must-have information, all focused on empowering you to build the highest quality, most responsive list possible.

Inside you'll get our own nothing left out jam packed secerts to methods we've used to build lists into the tens of thousands quickly and easily. Plus you'll get 10 content rich ecourses all on list building to really put you in the drivers seat to list building success.

And here's just another tiny example of what you'll find inside as well. I've interviewed master list builders such as Michael Cheney, Gary Huynh and others. If you ever see any of those JV competition top ten charts, you're almost certain to see Michael Cheney's name there.

Yet his secret of success is so simple you'll kick yourself when he reveals it in this power-packed audio and transcript interview.

And that's just one downloadable product. I have others for you of a similar high caliber.

And, if that's not enough, I even get put in the hot seat and grilled, along with my good friend - and partner on many of my projects - Simon Hodgkinson.

Here's just a little of what you'll find inside:

Discover the most important thing you must do before even thinking about building a list (this vital piece of the puzzle, when missed, is what leads to the huge failure rate for most list builders.) 

How I personally built a list of more than 60,000 targeted, responsive subscribers in less than 18 months starting from scratch. 

How to 'filter' and recruit only responsive leads. How to weed out the 'freebie seekers' and then build a strong relationship with people almost instantly

Discover a simple to implement tactic that will sky rocket your conversion rates on new subscriptions. (you are probably neglecting to do this and throwing away thousands of dollars because of it) 

How to effectively get free advertising in other newsletters/ ezines. In fact I'll share my secret tactic that gets me TOTALLY 100% FREE advertising (no upfront or backend costs at all!) 

An immensely powerful 2 step tactic that will have affiliates and JV partners fighting amongst themselves to promote your site. (This tactic can add thousands of new subscribers to your list OVERNIGHT and make you an instant online celebrity!) 

The information you should be collecting now to protect yourself from spam complaints and avoid being shut down by your host. This includes details on the type of information you must give people to cover yourself legally. (I really don't need to tell you just how bad this could get if you don't) 

How frequently should you mail your list? It's a common question. Following this simple rule will mean you NEVER get it wrong. (works in any niche) 

How to win affiliate contests and promotions even when you're competing with giant list builders (I'll explain out to make mince meat out of 'guru's' with 200,000+ subscriber lists) 

There is simply too much to list here. You get the upgraded Deluxe level which includes way more than what is shown on the main sales page. The regular price of Deluxe level membership is $397.00!

But don't take my word how good this is. Instead, read what Bert Peters says...


Wow, this is just like a permanent Giveaway! It's probably one of the best membership sites I've had the good fortune to find and join.

I will keep coming back to see what's been added, and put to good use those things that will add to my marketing potential! Between this site and your SureFire Wealth site, I'm all set!

Bert Peters


Next we have 3 turnkey profit sites all ready for you

Privileged Memberships Site #5
Lifetime ELITE MASTER RESELLER License "Saving Your Time" Value $997.00

If you've taken a peak at any of my membership sites, you'll understand just how much sheer hard work is involved in setting them up and maintaining them.

There's getting the software to run the site smoothly, when you start. Then enabling it to be scaled up effortlessly, as you grow. And then you need to add a truckload of top quality content - and then you need to keep on coming up with more and more ideas, so you can add even more content to keep your members happy.

So you're probably wondering why the heck I bother? Because it's very profitable.

So how would you like to take hold of the profitable end, whilst I take care of the grunt work end of keeping it fresh and stocked with more and more goodies?

Of course you would, so here's how it works.

When you take advantage of this Privileged Memberships package, you will become a Licensed Master Reseller.

And this is reselling on steroids.

Because you can either offer free passes to basic membership - perhaps as a bonus with one of your products - or you can sell lifetime memberships for $47 a time.

But that's just the beginning. Because if your free members or your $47 members wish to upgrade to the top level membership - where they'll get a truckload of enticing and valuable additional perks and materials - they will pay $297 to enjoy Elite Lifetime Membership.

And I've saved the best until last. As a Licensed Master Reseller, the entire payment is put directly into your PayPal account. It's ALL YOURS. I don't take a penny.

And here's a membership site to get you off to a flying start, because it has massive universal appeal. After all, who doesn't want to get more out of their day, by working smarter?

So I've gathered together the wisdom of some of the wealthiest people on line, who have obviously mastered the art of being totally effective in everything they do.

And - as well as boatloads of time-saving tips, you also get priceless marketing advice. For example, there's 117 hours of downloadable audio interviews, marketing lessons and transcripts from some of the GREATEST marketing minds ever! Jay Conrad Levinson, Carl Galletti, Joe Vitale, Brian Keith Voiles, Eugene Schwartz, Mr. Arthur Hamel, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Bill Myers and Michael Senoff...

But that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Online Learning Made Fun & Easy With Step By Step Online Coaching Video Tutorials!

Sell Access Instant Access to Over 200 Streaming Online Training Videos and Audio!  Your Customers Can Watch, Learn and Explode Their Online Businesses!

And Master Reseller Elite members, like you, also get full access to over 200 Online Streaming VIDEO Training Courses that will build your business, free up your time and put more money in your pocket!

What's Included:

Offer your members a wide selection of training videos to help them succeed online - subjects include: Traffic Generation, List Building, Adsense, Web Design, Graphics, PDFs, RSS, Software creation.. and a whole lot more.

What You Can Do With This...

Sell Basic Memberships At $47.00 (you keep all the money!)

Alternatively - Give Away Basic Memberships For Free (and make money from the upgrade one time offer at $97.00) (you keep all the money!)

Sell Elite Memberships At $297.00 after the member joins (you keep all the money!)

You Make 100% Of All Transactions Paid Directly Into Your PayPal Account.

Fully managed, regularly updated & 100% hands free, all you do is send traffic to your links.

You get full access to your customer names and emails **No limit to how many members you have inside

It's a perfect system and you can sell reseller licences and give away paid membership passes as gifts!

There is simply too much to list here CLICK HERE to get more details. But remember you get the upgraded Master Reseller level which includes way more than what is shown on the main sales page. In fact it is not even available except through this special offer. The regular price of Elite level membership is $297.00 and Elite Master Reseller is not even for sale except through Privileged Memberships!

Privileged Memberships Site #6
Lifetime ELITE MASTER RESELLER License "Learning To Earn Online" Value $997.00

Here's another membership site with massive appeal to every internet marketer, because it solves their most pressing problem: creating products. But here they don't have to do any of that, because they can take their pick of a vast range of e-courses on every conceivable internet marketing subject, from A for AdWords pretty much all the way to Z, via Graphic Design and SEO.

And here's the best bit: depending on the level of membership, they are automatically licensed to resell a truckload of these same products - and keep all the profit. As you can imagine, this gives this site massive sales potential for YOU.

Because - once again - you will be granted a full Master Reseller Licence, without any of the pressures of keeping the site updated or dealing with customer support.

And Master Reseller Elite members, like you, also get full access to 22 informative ecourses & over 60 VIDEO Training Courses that will show you how to do everything you need to do online from basic website building, FTP & HTML to email marketing, affiliate marketing, traffic generation and more!

Expert Online Training With Step By Step Online/ Offline Ecourse Modules!

Similar in operation to SavingYourTime (above) this site offers instant access to a massive collection of professionally created e-courses:

Including: Adwords, Blogging, Clickbank, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Traffic, Graphic Design, Niche Marketing, Podcasting, Product Creation, SEO, Viral Marketing, VRE, Website Building, Windows XP, Microsoft Word, Internet Business and more.

Your members will have the option to read online, download the PDF's or have the courses delivered to them via email - All This Is Automated & Managed For You.

What You Can Do With This:

Sell Basic Memberships At $27.00 (you keep all the money)

Alternatively - Give Away Basic Memberships For Free (and make money from the upgrade one time offer at $47.00)  (you keep all the money)

Sell Elite Memberships At $97.00 after the member joins  (you keep all the money)

You Make 100% Of All Transactions Paid Directly Into Your PayPal Account.

Fully managed, regularly updated & 100% hands free, all you do is send traffic to your links.

You get full access to your customer names and emails **No limit to how many members you have inside

Another proven system - you can sell reseller licences and give away paid membership passes as gifts!

There is simply too much to list here CLICK HERE to get more details. But remember you get the upgraded Master Reseller level which includes way more than what is shown on the main sales page. In fact it is not even available except through this special offer. The regular price of Elite level membership is $97.00 and Elite Master Reseller is not even for sale except through Privileged Memberships!

And, if you want to know what subscribers think of the site, here's just one example...


Hats off to you. This is absolutely the best online courses I have come across. Besides the superior quality of the content, the ability to access at your liesure is great for those who have busy schedules. And the price! Are you guys out of your minds?


Dave Carter
Author of The Freedom Formula

Privileged Memberships Site #7
Lifetime ELITE MASTER RESELLER License "Reseller Training Course" Value $497.00

And if having all the advantages of owning two enticing high demand membership sites - with none of the problems of maintaining and updating them - isn't enough for you, here's a third.

And this one is a complete no brainer cross-sale, because this has obvious appeal for any member of the "Learning To Earn Online" or "SureFireWealth". That's because this site will show them exactly how to maximize their profits from the reseller material they get from there.

Listen in to the Secret of Turning Any Ebook or Software Resell Right Package Into a Goldmine of Profits Almost Overnight!

These professionally recorded audios offer a complete course teaching your customers how to make some money selling other people's products. Making money with resell rights products. (a subject dear to all of our hearts)

Your members will pay a 'one time' join fee after which they can login whenever they like, download transcripts and additional bonus products and get the best training on resell rights online.

We Manage Everything For You - Including the UPSELL! All you do is send traffic to your links

What You Can Do With This:

Sell Basic Memberships At $9.97  (you keep all the money)

Alternatively - Give Away Basic Memberships For Free (and make money from the upgrade one time offer at $47.00)  (you keep all the money)

Sell Elite Memberships At $97.00 after the member joins  (you keep all the money)

You Make 100% Of All Transactions Paid Directly Into Your PayPal Account.

Fully managed, regularly updated & 100% hands free (you just send the traffic)

There is simply too much to list here. You get the upgraded Master Reseller level, in fact it is not even available except through this special offer. The regular price of Elite level membership is $97.00 and Elite Master Reseller is not even for sale except through Privileged Memberships!

Here's what just one subscriber says...


You have indeed done an excellent job in revealing the strategies of Resale Rights in you book,'Resell Rights Master Course'. I have personally picked up many pointers from your book which I can use in my Online business. Anyone wanting to get involved with Resale Rights should have a copy of your book. Thanks for the generous contribution of your knowledge and experience.

Richard Quek

Privileged Memberships Site #8
Lifetime DELUXE Membership to InstantGraphicsPro Value $157.00

If you think you can't create stunning graphics... think again!

Because here's a membership site that practically does it for you on autopilot, because - if you can copy and paste- you can do this!

For starters you get a very comprehensive, step by step, paint by numbers tutorial to show exactly how to use the software.

And you get everything you need to produce stunning graphics:


Showing an image of your product has been shown to increase sales. So here are eCover scripts in both 2 and 3D - including 15 professional font designs to add spice to your covers.

20 Professional web site headers to give your web sites a real professional look.

40 completely customizable headers and matching footers which you can make completely your own, because you get the PSD source files.

You can also spice up your web site with these compelling order buttons that practically hypnotize visitors to press them and BUY!

Then you can add those little touches with these eye-catching graphics... arrows, badges... faces... check marks... et cetera

Build trust by highlighting your customer testimonials using these 15 professionally designed tables that really make them stand out.

Taken together, this is not just a collection of membership sites...

It's the equivalent of an IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY Master's Degree in Top Gun Internet Marketing!

There is simply too much to list here. You get the upgraded Deluxe level. The regular price of Deluxe level membership is $97.00 plus $67 for basic level!

Privileged Memberships Site #9
Lifetime GOLD Membership to Value $197.00

Instant Video Empire is the culmination of myself and Louis Allport.  Once you are inside, you'll be astonished to discover private label profit secrets from successful online marketers such as our interview with Scott Oliver (who used to be a total newbie) and discover how a rugby coach and family man in Scotland has started to earn money online using Private Label Videos.

Plus more in-depth interviews with myself (yes I really go in depth on this one), Simon Hodgkinson & JP Schoeffel who also have made tens of thousands with private label rights by thinking outside of the box. These interviews were put together to help you learn how to profit more using private label rights.

Once you have access, you'll be astonished to discover private label profit secrets like these...

The fast track to profits and success (you don't need to spend weeks or months trying to create a product that sells -- simply copy what Scott and Louis do instead).

How to pick a winner (along with traffic and conversion the quality of your product is vital for your success. So let "Six Figure Louis B" tell you how to get this right and open the floodgates for huge backend sales!).

The real secret to success with private label products (the key strategy that makes your product unique).

Why video is the best private label product to sell (your customers will love you for this and so will you).

How to make sure you have bomb-proof web hosting (keeping your site running 24/7/365 is vital. So here's how to make sure it does).

Where to source great private label videos (get this right and you'll blow the lid off your bank account!).

How to get your physical products shipped for you (sometimes there's a higher perceived value in sending physical products like CDs, DVDs and here's how you can do that, but without the hassle)

Outsourcing your traffic generation (learn how Scott gets the work done while he gets on with driving his truck).

The vital statistics of a thriving web site (listen as I check the statistics, traffic levels and links to Scott's "Google PageRank" Three web site -- live, as they talk).

The biggest mistake many newbies make (here's how to avoid the BIG LIE often told online). a Gold upgraded member you'll get everything shown on the main sales page as well as
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Internet Business Plans Revealed - Volume 1: This exclusive video coaching product reveals and talks through three businesses making millions of dollars every month. And very importantly -- this product reveals how you can start duplicating these million dollar businesses yourself. These videos pull back the curtain to expose how fortunes are really being made online - right now

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Instant Membership Riches:This is the first product anywhere, where Louis Allport revealed any of the secrets that allowed him to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with membership sites.

Internet Business Plans Revealed - Volume 2: Now the fourth of these products is a follow up to Internet Business Plans Revealed - Volume 1. In this product Louis exposes three new entirely different internet businesses, in surprising niches!

But here's the really cool see this site can work just like the other 3 instant Reseller Sites mentioned above. Yes, you can give away free silver memberships to this site as well and keep 100%
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Just these partner bonuses being offered by Ewen Chia, JP Schoeffel, Jeff Dedrick, Edmund Loh, Simon Hodgkinson,  Chris Freville and others are worth more than your investment on this.

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You will learn everything under the sun inside these secure member areas about how to get started online if you are a beginner, how to increase your profits if you are more advanced and overall how to build a solid online business so you can rest easy at night using the power of leverage to make yourself more money online.
I should note that the knowledge inside these sites is in the form of videos, ebooks, ecourses and audios and are yours for the taking with this offer.
However it will be up to you to take the time and effort to make the most of what you will have at your fingertips inside. With your drive, determination, persistance and everything shown on this offer you can certainly get closer to your financial goals. 
If you need more info about each of those membership sites you will get access to. Just go back up the page and click on the 'more info' links to go check out each site for yourself. 
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B: Grab this awesome Privileged Memberships package, before we decide to stop offering this.

Sounds like a no-brainer to me, But you'd better hurry, cause onced hit a certain number of memberships we'll probably just slam the doors shut on this one cause it's one crazy offer I shouldn't keep open forever.

If you come back to this page down the road don't be surprised if price has doubled or it's just plain closed.

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Yes, Jeremy! I want to step up to Internet Marketing Top Gun status and realize all my hopes and dreams so please allow me to enjoy the awesome Privileged Memberships package.

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To Your Success!

Jeremy Gislason

P.S. The only way to lose on this offer is to pass it by. Because you've got a full 30 days to check this out. If these ten sites (plus a few surprises I've kept back) are not all I've said - and more, you can cancel your membership and not owe me a penny. Fair enough?

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And if you're still not convinced, just read what others have had to say about their memberships Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials

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